Catch Me If You Can

by Melyra

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Released in November the 19th, 2014


released November 19, 2014

Produced, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Celo Oliveira @ Kolera Studios – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Cover art by Gabi Spree

Cover art design and booklet design by Daniel Accioly

Band photo by Gabriel Duarte

Music by Fernanda Schenker Pieri and Mariana Figueiredo
Lyrics by Helena Accioly, Fernanda Schenker Pieri and Mariana Figueiredo



all rights reserved


Melyra Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Female heavy metal, fast & loud! Established 2012.

Line- up:

Mari Figueiredo - vocals
Fe Schenker - guitars
Nena Accioly - bass
Maf Cals - guitars
Ana de Ferreira - drums
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Track Name: Beyond Good and Evil
Track Name: Nightmare # 1
Nightmare # 1

I see you walking down the street
You little rockstar wannabe
You wanna take all I have
You won’t stop ‘til you’re satisfied

Sell lies to promote yourself
The best thing you could ever do
Spoiled girl, freaking out
‘Cause the world revolves around you


Ready or not, here I come – I’ll be your nightmare # 1! (2x)
Ready or not…ready or not…
Ready or not – Here I come!

Every night – out to show off
Blood red nails and high heels on
You’re on the spot -
Out to get the attention you think you deserve

Always ready for a fight!
Behind a telly, never eye to eye
Each day looks older and older
But when will you grow up?

Track Name: Silence

Congratulations dear,
You’ve got what you deserve!
I have a special gift…just for you
Words can really wound
But I will hurt you more
Kill you without a word and walk out the door

> Bridge

I’ll kill you with my silence, just my silence
You won’t hear me whine
I’ll kill you with my silence, just my silence
I will not waste my time anymore

I’m fed up of your lies
I’m done with your mistakes
The more I see, the more it makes me sick
Words can really wound
But I will hurt you more
Kill you without a word and walk out the door

> Bridge

> Chorus:

SILENCE! – Can kill you the most
SILENCE! – Hurts like hell
SILENCE! – Will cut like a knife
SILENCE! - It’s my farewell!

> Bridge + Chorus (2x)
Track Name: BXFFK1400002 - Catch Me If You Can
Catch Me If You Can

Running away, so far, so good
Leave me alone, I’m on the loose
I’ll take the highway, maybe disappear!
I’m flying high, that’s what I need

> Bridge

You may try to find me in the sky
I will hide among the shining stars
Into thunderstorm, I will dive
Like a black dirt, a shadow…in the night!

> Chorus (2x)

Catch me if you can – won’t be easy as you think
Catch me if you can – you’ll give up in the end

Endless game of hide-and-seek
I’ll pass through your fingers, you will see
You beat the air, ‘cause I’ll be out of reach
I’ll bite the dust as soon as you appear

> Bridge + Chorus

Don’t waste your time with my empty heart
I’m like summer rain, it comes and goes so fast
My rubber soul, shallow mind

> Bridge + Chorus
Track Name: BXFFK1400005 - Fly

Shade of regret
Over me now
I’ve lost my chance
I’ve let you down
It all crashed down on me like a wave
I have found out I’ve made a mistake

If I could turn back time
It would never be the same again…

> Chorus:

I wanna fly away, I won’t look back
If you won’t choose my way, no hope is left

I walk among the crowd
Between certainty and doubt
Await for a sign
So I can do what is right
A scream trapped inside
Tears that I hide
The anguish I feel
Whenever you leave

Nothing may ease the pain…
You may laugh but I won’t give a damn

> Chorus

There’s nothing else to do
If I can’t have your love
I will live on my own

> Chorus (2x)
Track Name: BXFFK1400004 - Trip to Hell
Trip to Hell

Lost in the darkness
Full of sorrow, full of hate
Dead eyes see no future
Just the evil inside

Outside the door
I can see your perfect lines
Dancing in the shadows
Right through the night

> Bridge:

Hold on, take a breath
Not to lose control
Tight your belt, we will dive
The trip will begin now

> Chorus

It is a kind of trip to hell
One ticket just to go
It is a kind of trip to hell
Disorder and chaos

Every time I die
Just a little, just too much
I try to keep my mind free
But it’s running through my veins

Calm down, don’t be scared
…Can you save me now?
It’s too late, I know
It might be the end

> Bridge, chorus

I can feel the force
Stronger than before
Bizarre feelings
I can feel it more and more

Strange science
Forever I am stuck
But once in a while
I try to find my own way home

> Bridge

> Chorus (2x)